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What We Do

On Demand CFO

From time to time, small business owners need help with all manner of financial and administrative issues with the business.  Larger companies hire a senior executive to oversee the financial, human resources, and information systems areas of the company.   CPN Squared provides you with that same experience on an as-need basis.  CPN Squared has produced positive outcomes for small companies in the areas of financial reporting, employment compliance issues, dealing with taxing authorities, contract review, vendor relations, customer service, collections issues, and all manner of IT projects.

Performance Tracking and Weekly Dashboard Reporting

Keeping the key metrics of your business visible is the objective of the CPN Squared Dashboard Development Process.  CPN Squared will work with you to determine the key indicators you need to monitor and create a custom set of weekly graphs which allow you to see the trends, and take proactive steps to improve future results. 


Trust Accounting for Solo and Small Practice Legal Firms

One of the big challenges of operating a solo or small practice legal firm is keeping up with the strict requirements around IOLTA accounting.  Many small firms need help with implementing an efficient way to maintain these records using their existing accounting systems such as QuickBooks.  CPN Squared can provide you with a pre-defined process including chart of accounts and detailed instructions which will allow the firm to produce IOLTA reports with the click of the mouse. 

Technology Selection and Implementations

There is an “app” for everything these days.  CPN Squared will identify and recommend specialty applications which meet your specific operational needs and then define and implement the new processes within your company.  This includes providing training and step-by-step instructions for your staff on how to use the new tools.  On larger, vendor implemented projects, CPN Squared will oversee the vendor activity to ensure the solution meets your needs and the project delivers, as planned.



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